Monday, September 27, 2010

franny the hippo what?

so my friend just told this huge secret that she's been keeping from me. it a shocker! she has a pet hippo! she keeps her their master bathroom. she tells me that franny is just a baby still. i asked what she's gonna do with when she gets bigger she said she'll figure it when the time comes. franny's favorite foods are: watermelon, pumpkin, and cheese by the five pound brick. omg you got a biggens on your hands girly. i'm a nose goes when it comes to the food bill. gesh i'm still in shock

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

To Elizabeast

Dear Dork Pants,

You are genuinely rad. you are my go to gal. every time i choke on a ravioli it reminds me of you. since the day i met you it was like i met my sister from another mister. you have a laugh that's super contagious. you have an i don't give a shit what you think attitude and that's what i love about you. you are your own person. and your gout monster, dont even get me started that little man is like the baby i never birthed but love like my own child. since i've moved to Denver you are the RADDEST, BADDEST friend to come into my life and my little family's life. so dont ever leave! or i'll kick you ass.

Sincerely your always Andrea " Queen of Random"